Natural Super Kids

Fuel your kids for a happy, vibrant, toxin-free life.

I know you want your kids to be as happy, healthy, and whole as possible

You don’t have to become obsessive about nutrition in order to give your kids super health.

It starts with their environment + what they eat.

When your kids eat a balanced, whole diet, you’ll notice changes in behavior, temperament, sleep, allergies, and more.

Kids, of course, are wonderfully energetic. However, it’s totally possible to have a household where…

  • Your household is in control and harmonious. Life doesn’t have to be crazy making! There’s a difference between good energy and crazy energy.
  • With proper gut + immune health and fewer toxins in their environment, your kids are healthier and get fewer illnesses.
  • Your kids are easy to feed, love to eat, and find healthy foods delicious. They rarely whine “I’m hungry!” because their diet keeps them full and energized. Their love of food sets them up for a more enjoyable life!
  • Your kids are well behaved at home and at school because they’re not constantly burning off a sugar high. They even concentrate better.

I’m Jessica Donovan

As a Naturopath, I’ve studied pathophysiology, science of the body, and natural health care modalities like nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

In my clinical work, I’ve helped dozens and dozens of parents to transform their children’s health. My results have been from minor issues like getting picky kids to eat a more varied diet to helping clients to heal chronic issues like cystic fibrosis and everything in between like asthma to eczema. Getting your family healthy is my specialty.

On top of that, I am also mum to two crazy and delightful little munchkins and know all too well the juggling act that is life as a mum 🙂


Here are some places I’ve been featured:


Despite a cultural shift towards healthier eating, the statistics on children’s health show that kids are getting sicker.

In the last 20 years, the incidence of several illnesses has grown manyfold in children.

The following statistics about the state of children’s health show just how much it has declined in the past few decades.

Instances of autism have increased 1500% in the past 20 years.

1 in 91 children are diagnosed with autism today.
Allergies have become 400% more common in the past 20 years.
400% more children are diagnosed with ADHD than 20 years ago.

ADHD now affects 1 in 10 school children.
Asthma has increased 300% in the past 20 years.
25% of children in Australia and New Zealand are overweight or obese.
Incidence of atopic conditions such as asthma and eczema have increased by 500% over the last 40 years.

Source:  Dr Ken Bock, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics

What’s clear is that the epidemic in childhood health conditions has coincided with two things:


Decline of proper Nutrition for kids.


Increased toxins in the environment.

Natural Super Kids distills my 16+ years of Naturopathy into easy-to-implement tips into a six week program.

Natural Super Kids is a 6-week comprehensive online program where I’ve distilled my core nutrition knowledge for you to use to make your kids as healthy as possible.

During each of the 6 weeks of the program, we’ll go over essential elements of your children’s vibrant health including:

Find out how to whip up amazing, healthy meals in a snap without using a calculator.
Learn how to nourish your kids with breakfast + lunch options that keep their energy + emotions balanced.
Whip up dinners and snacks that are healthy and delicious. Also, got picky eaters? No problem.
This week is all about creating an environment that keeps your kids (and you!) toxin-free.
Set your kids up to have an immune system resistant to infections, allergies, intolerances and atopic conditions like asthma and eczema.
Digestive health is the foundation of your kids’ health. Find out how to make sure they’re eating in a way that supports their all-important gut health.

Here’s an in-depth look at how Natural Super Kids will transform your kids’ health over the next six weeks:

Natural Super Kids includes:

Natural Super Kids ONLINE

  • Six-Week Natural Super Kids Program (including lifetime access to materials)
    Value $297
  • 4 bonus Masterclasses with Naturopath Jessica Donovan
    Value $400
  • 5 bonus interviews with hand-plucked health experts
    Value $500
  • Natural Super Kids Facebook Community for Mums

Natural Super Kids COACHING

  • Six-Week Natural Super Kids Program (including lifetime access to materials)
    Value $297
  • 4 bonus Masterclasses withNaturopath Jessica Donovan
    Value $400
  • 5 bonus interviews with hand-plucked health experts
    Value $500
  • Natural Super Kids Facebook Community for Mums
  • 6 Group Health Coaching Calls with Naturopath Jessica Donovan
    Value $600
  • BONUS Individual Supplement review and plan for your child
    Value $97

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HomeDetox Bootcamp is an 8 week program that systematically guides you through the process of removing toxins from every room of your home and replacing them with safe, effective and economical alternatives.

Together these programs will transform the wellbeing of your entire family!

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Enrol in Natural Super Kids BEFORE Midday Friday 3rd March (Adelaide time) to take advantage of this incredible offer!

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Children are not just small adults. Here’s why their nutrition is extra important:


Children are particularly susceptible as their gut, brain, and immune systems are still developing and are, therefore, especially vulnerable.

A child’s health needs differ from an adult’s in the following ways:

  • A child’s blood-brain barrier (BBB) is not fully intact until at least two years of age, leaving the CNS highly susceptible to damage.
  • A child’s digestive lining is still somewhat ‘leaky’ and their liver detoxification pathways are immature. This means young children are not fully capable of handling toxins effectively and may experience increased levels of systemic inflammation and oxidative stress in response to even minimal toxin exposures.
  • A child’s immune system is still developing in the first years of life making them more susceptible to immune challenges and imbalances.

All of the health information and statistics can be overwhelming + terrifying for a parent.

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids.

The problem? There’s a tendency for us to overreact and go to extremes when it comes to nourishing our kids. I’m sure you’ve seen evidence of this.

Here’s the good news: There’s no need to become obsessive about every single thing that your child eats.

There’s no need to hover over your kids when they attend a birthday party or strip away everything they love to eat from their diet.

With a few simple strategies, a shift in perspective, and the help of an experienced naturopath for mums and kids, you can transform the way your entire family relates to food and improve your kids’ health forever.


Raising Natural Super Kids isn’t about obsessive vitamin counting or depriving your kids of chocolate cake.

You’re not interested in becoming obsessed with nutrition or becoming one of those ‘health nuts’ telling you what you should and shouldn’t feed your kids or how you should treat their health condition.

The health strategies I teach you in Natural Super Kids are really easy to implement. You’ll love being able to cut through all of the info out there about health and learn how to nourish your kids without spending any more time on eating than you already are.

Inside of the Natural Super Kids membership site, you’ll get access to:

Strategies to boost and balance your child’s immune system the natural way so you don’t need to come away from yet another doctor appointment with a script for antibiotics.
Over 50 practical, kid-friendly, fuss-proof meal and snack ideas so you can say goodbye to mealtime tantrums and lunch boxes coming home uneaten.
My simple meal plan equation to eliminate the confusion around what you should be feeding your children and so you can be confident in putting together nutritious meals for your entire family.
Naturopathic secrets to healthier digestion so there are no more sore tummies, bloated bellies, or toilet issues.
Natural solutions for eczema so your child can stop scratching and you don’t need to rely on harsh steroid creams or try another ineffective, expensive cream again.
Ways to reduce toxins in your home and environment so you can protect your little people from these harmful chemicals.
Successful communication strategies to ease behavioral issues and family conflict.
Find out if your kids need supplements and how to choose the best quality to ensure they have the best level of wellbeing possible.

It’s everything you need to boost your little people's health and vitality for life.

We get started on Monday 13th March 2017!


Be Quick! Early Bird Offer ends in:


Until 12 midday on the 3rd March, when you buy Natural Super Kids you'll also get access to Home Detox Bootcamp (Worth $297!).

Here’s what other mums are saying about Natural Super Kids:


Love, love, loved the natural super kids course.... It was easy to follow and implement with little fuss, it really opened my eyes to the smallest changes i needed to make to build my children's immunity and keep them away from toxins .... Not a single cold or runny nose in months. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to see their kids thrive . Thank you Jess

Carly Frost


My 2 year old daughter suffered from red and dry blotchy skin. We had tried a variety of natural ointments/creams and seen a dermatologist, but her eczema would periodically return with flare ups, despite using no soaps and hyper-allergenic washing powders. With hesitation, we even tried a prescribed steroid cream, which caused an allergic reaction.

The results from Jessica’s recommendations have been amazing. Although, my daughter has sensitive skin, her eczema on the legs, arms and face has disappeared. My daughter now tolerates most foods and is a very happy and gorgeous two year old.

Jayne Haydon


My son is 12 years old and has cystic fibrosis as a result he finds himself regularly in hospital for IV antibiotic treatment.  He also was required to undergo significantly high doses of steroid treatment that left him with violent side effects including problems with his liver, digestion and growth. I was fed up seeing my child suffer like this. 

In just 10 weeks on Jessicas program his lung function has improved by more than 10%, it is now the best it’s ever been! His allergy levels continue to fall at very high rates which means that he doesn't need to continue the toxic steroids and other drugs he was once on.

Matt has a spring in his step and is feeling stronger, healthier and more positive every day.  Dark circles under his eyes have disappeared and his body mass index has improved.

I have learnt so much more about food, its nutritional value and the positive and negative effects they can have on the body. My approach to feeding my family has improved a lot.  The doctors who don't normally approve of "alternative therapies" say "keep doing what you are doing"!!!

I would highly recommend Jess to work with your children and family. I feel like I can breathe again.

Cassie Taylor |


Every parent must do this course for the welfare of our little people! Every module is packed with information, you can do them at your own pace and have the information to look at whenever needed. I have learnt what foods nourish my family and how to look after their digestive system, along with much more. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you Jess!

Kamila Bali

PLUS: You'll also get access to
these Bonus Masterclasses

Bonus Masterclasses

You will gain access to all 3 of these informative mastercalsses with Naturopath Jessica Donovan to empower you with practical information about some of the most common issues parents face with their kids health.


Develop healthy eating habits in your kids for life

Is your child a picky or fussy eater? Do you struggle to feed your child a varied and nutritious diet? Are you tired of battles at the dinner table every night? Are your own food hang-ups instilling unhealthy food habits in your kids?

In this live online workshop you will learn strategies to encourage your children to eat a wider range of foods and techniques to develop healthy eating habits in your kids for life!

Boost and balance your childs immune system

Is your child constantly sick? Are they about to start child care, kindy or school? Are they prone to respiratory infections? Do you want to break the antibiotic after antibiotic chain? Does your child suffer with an immune imbalance condition such as eczema or asthma?

The Boost and balance your childs immune system online workshop will teach you ways to naturally boost and balance your childs immune system.

Dairy and Gluten – should I eliminate or reduce them?

Do you wonder if you should eliminate dairy or gluten from your childs diet? Have you thought about eliminating dairy or gluten but not sure where to start? Interested to know what the fuss about gluten and dairy is?

In this live online workshop, we will discuss when it is warranted to eliminate gluten and dairy from your kid's diet and when reducing it is enough. The specific health conditions that almost always improve when you cut gluten or dairy out and the steps to take to dairy and/or gluten free.

As a part of the program, you’ll also get bonus masterclasses from the following health experts:


Emily Bartlett, Holistic Squid

Emily Bartlett is a Chinese and holistic medicine practitioner in Los Angeles, California, and consults with patients around the world. After treating kids and adults with health issues that were either caused or exacerbated by a poor diet, she began emphasizing the importance of true nutrition with her patients and writing about food on her blog, Holistic Squid.

She comes from a long line of health care practitioners! Her Filipino great-great-grandmother was a village healer. Her father, a Western family doctor, and her mom, an oncology nurse. In line with her heritage both old and new, she honors Western knowledge and ancient wisdom when it comes to health and wellness. She loves helping other families find their passion for real, nutrient-dense eating and believes that real food and a good attitude are the best medicine.


Simone Emery, Play with Food

Simone Emery is a children's nutritionist that works in a transdisciplinary feeding therapy team in Sydney, Australia. Simone also runs "Play with Food" an online source of information and recipes for parents of fussy (picky) eaters.

Simone has a keen interest in how the sensory systems work relating to food as well as making food playful, engaging and appealing. She also documents some of her mealtime moments with her own 2 little mess-makers. Simone aims to delight the child's taste buds and imagination with food.


Laura Trotta, Laura

Born with a green heart, Laura Trotta is obsessed with all things eco and has been living and breathing sustainability for over 20 years. Laura is an experienced environmental engineer and holds a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry. She founded the multi-award winning eco-parenting business Sustainababy and runs her eco-living ecourses the Home Detox Boot Camp and greenHOUSE.

As a mother of two young boys, she understands busy and the complexities of running an eco-friendly household in the modern world. If you're ready to create a healthy, eco-friendly home, you'll get there much sooner with Laura's guidance


Emma Holdsworth, Treehouse family counselling

Emma Holdsworth is passionate about supporting families to transform their relationships. Emma offers counselling to parents and kids as well as parent education, helping families to have more connection, better communication, and confidence in themselves and their relationships.

Emma believes that all families can have the fulfilling and nurturing relationships they dream of and works from the basis that healthy family relationships are the key to success, happiness, and survival! Emma combines her counselling skills, her knowledge of attachment and bonding and her passion for parent/child relationships to empower individuals and families to be active in creating the relationships they deserve.


Dr Kristy Goodwin, Dr Kristy

Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital parenting experts (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!). She’s the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World, speaker, researcher and media commentator.

Dr Kristy arms parents, educators and health professionals with research-based information about what today’s young, digital kids really need to thrive online and offline. Kristy takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age by arming parents, educators and health professionals with facts, not fears, about how screens are impacting on children’s health, learning, wellbeing and development.

My in-clinic clients spend hundreds of dollars for an appointment, but I created this entire Natural Super Kids program for a much lower price.

Caroline Makepeace
I'd highly recommend the Natural Super Kids ecourse for any parent wanting to improve the health and well-being of their family. Not only does Jess give you easy to understand theory on the nutritional content of food and what our body needs to thrive, she also offers useful tips for creating a less toxic home and lifestyle, and provides easy recipes that taste great! Thanks to the course, we've changed to about 80% organic whole foods and have a cleaner environment. My daughter's now have a balanced, healthy and delicious lunchbox each day, and my extremely fussy, youngest child is slowly embracing wild food choices like avocado on her sandwiches and pumpkin brownies!

Caz Makepeace |


As a busy mother of two young boys, I always have my ears peeled for quality information on how I can best nourish my family, naturally. From the moment I started Jessica’s ecourse, I was taken by her extensive knowledge and passion of naturopathy and found her approach to be refreshing.

Jessica is not one of those naturopaths whose advice doesn’t work in the “real world”. As a mother herself, she gets family life. I was easily able to slot her recipes, meal plans and wellbeing tips into my busy schedule and see immediate positive results in my family’s health.

If you’re ready to take your health and wellbeing to the next level, you can’t go past Jessica to help you get there.

Laura Trotta |

Your children's wellbeing (and your sanity) is way too important to not let them become Natural Super Kids!

Connect with other mums in the Natural Super Kids Facebook Group:


You’ve been told that it takes a village to raise a child, but do you seek out support from other like-minded mums as often as you could?

Facebook has become a wonderful place to find like-minded people and join uplifting communities.

Honestly, the support that you’ll get as a mum in our Facebook group is one of the most valuable parts of this program. Social support is one of the biggest predictors of happiness and success, and I’m so happy to be able to pop into this group every week to answer your questions and help you turn your kids into Natural Super Kids.

Try Natural Super Kids for 7 days.

I’m so confident that you’re going to love how fast Natural Super Kids is going to transform your kids’ (and the entire family’s) health that I want to give you a week to see if the program is a good fit for you.

If after the first week of Natural Super Kids you are not happy with the content, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Please note: Refunds will not be rewarded before the live program begins on 13th March 2017. It’s important that you engage with the first week’s lesson before deciding the program isn’t for you. Please make sure that Natural Super Kids is exactly what you’re looking for before you join.


Be Quick! Early Bird Offer ends in:


Until 12 midday on the 3rd March, when you buy Natural Super Kids you'll also get access to Home Detox Bootcamp (Worth $297!).



Since becoming a parent what really hit home was the importance of making my lifestyle as healthy as possible, I wanted to give my kids the absolute best start in life. I did everything possible to make good choices, but still both my kids had little niggly problems that no matter what I did, did not resolve.

My daughter had a severe iron deficiency, due to my deficiency during my pregnancy with her and we had had no success with conventional treatments. After just 3 months following Jessica’s recommendations she now has normal levels!

This amazing lady has changed our lives more than I can explain. She is warm, compassionate and really relates to mums and kid’s needs. She is realistic with today's busy lifestyles and understands that although we are not perfect all the time, little changes can make HUGE impacts. I would and HAVE recommended her to everyone

Carmen Gould


I loved Natural Super Kids, my partner and I were blown away with all of the little things we could do to improve the health and wellbeing of our kiddies! This course is jam packed with valuable insights and implementable changes to improve the health and wellbeing of the whole family. We have all made significant and ongoing changes to the way we nourish our bodies. Thank you Jess, you have such a gorgeous nature and you know your stuff!

Claire Byrt |


My 4 year old boy started to turn into a child I no longer recognised. He was angry, frustrated, over emotional, naughty, aggressive and driving me to the point where I would sit on my bed and cry with sadness and frustration. I was at my wits end.

After following Jessica’s advice and recommendations we were completely blown away. We could notice the difference within 24 hours! He was listening again, thinking before he threw a tantrum, his anger was at bay, he was loving again and most of all he was aware of his behaviour. I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was like magic!

I can’t thank Jess enough for her help with my family. I have learnt a lot about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, she has changed our way of living for the better.

Jackie Deacon

Are you ready to turn your kids into Natural Super Kids?